Chill with WILG!

Our rush process happens twice a year during the first two weeks at the start of each semester. During rush, we have a ton of events open to MIT, including dinners, TV show marathons, game nights, pole dancing, museum visits, painting, baking, and much more. Although we recruit undergraduate women (including both freshmen and upperclassmen), all genders are welcome at our events.

Once you get here, you'll have a chance to meet and talk to current members of the house, go on a house tour, get answers to any questions about WILG, spend some quality time with us doing awesome activities, and eat even more awesome home-cooked food. We're an extremely supportive community that thrives on interactions and discussion, and we'd be more than happy to talk to you (relatively) ad infinitum about living with us. If you happened to miss our formal rush period, we have social events throughout the semester. To receive updates, add yourself to the Moira list (linked) if you're an MIT community member with MIT certificates; if not (or if you'd rather be added by us), email

WILG is located at 355 Massachusetts Avenue, near the Asgard and Darwin's.

*vegetarian options are available at all of our 7pm dinners

Fall '18 Rush Schedule:

Thursday 9/6
3:00 pm - Bubble Sumo Wrestling on Kresge Lawn
5:00 pm - Vision Board Making
7:00 pm - Comfort Food Dinner

Friday 9/7
3:00 pm - Climbing @ Brooklyn Boulders
5:00 pm - Spicy Ramen Challenge
7:00 pm - Israeli Dinner
10:00 pm - WILG Speed Dating

Saturday 9/8
11:00 am - Spill the Tea Party
2:00 pm- Froyoooo
7:00 pm - Salmon Dinner
8:00 pm - Avalon and "Mead"

Sunday 9/9
10:00 am - Rugby
2:00 pm- Dim Sum
4:00 pm - Cake Decorating 101
7:00 pm - Vegetarian Dinner

Monday 9/10
4:00 pm- Pole Dancing
7:00 pm- Quesadilla Dinner
8:00 pm- Pinterest Fails and Pie

Tuesday 9/11
4:00 pm- Cut Throat Kitchen Simulator
7:00 pm- Dinner

Wednesday 9/12
4:00 pm- Nail Salon
7:00 pm- Pad Thai Dinner
8:00 pm- Paint Along with Bob Ross

If you have any questions, or even just wanna chat about WILG, hit us up at!