Summer Housing at WILG

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WILG is located at 355 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, near Central Square. The house is a 3-5 minute walk from the Central Square T station, and the 1 bus stops directly in front of the house. There is also a large grocery store conveniently located just across the street.

You do not have to be an MIT student to live at WILG during the summer. However, summer housing is only available during the dates listed below. During the school semesters, WILG is strictly an MIT independent living group. If you are an MIT student and wish to live with us during the semester, please visit the rush page.

For summer housing, we accept applications from undergraduate and graduate students, both male and female. We offer housing in singles, walk-through singles, doubles, triples, and walk-through triples. All rooms have hardwood floors and include furniture and a bed per person. We also provide MIT and eduroam wifi.

The house has two kitchens: a full commercial kitchen on the first floor and a smaller kitchen on the fourth floor. Food is not provided, but both kitchens have appliances, dishes, and silverware available for summer residents to use.

The first floor lounge has a TV, VCR, and DVD player available for public use. The second floor lounge has a digital projector available for limited public use. In addition, WILG has free laundry facilities, a bike storage room, and a basement exercise room.

Every floor has a common area, a refrigerator, and two or three bathrooms that are each shared by 3-5 people.

Sorry, we cannot allow pets. Also, given that this building is in the city, we may not have any parking spaces available. However, in the past boarders have been able to apply for MIT parking permits through the Office of Transportation and Parking.

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Timeline and Dates

The application for summer 2017 housing at WILG is now closed. The information below may give you an idea of what to expect in future years.

The first step is to fill out an application form. Once you submit your application, we will contact you to schedule a brief interview and a house tour. If a house tour is not possible, we will set up a phone interview with you.

We will be sending out decisions for applications submitted before mid-March around MIT's spring break, March 25 - April 1.

After this time, applications will be accepted, interviews will be scheduled, and decisions will be given on a rolling basis until the house is full.

Applicants will have 2 weeks to accept their offer regardless of the date the offer is given.

Summer housing at WILG is only available from June 11 through August 26, 2017.

It is allowed for you to stay at WILG for only part of the summer. However, we strongly prefer that your spot be taken by someone else for the remainder of the housing period. If you can find someone whose summer housing needs are complementary to yours, you may recommend them as your replacement for the time in the house you will not be present. Your stay will only be prorated (as opposed to paying the full amount for the whole summer) if you tell us up front about your move-in and move-out dates. Staying part of the summer may affect the likelihood of your acceptance and may impact your rooming options.


Rates for the entire summer (approx. 3 months) are as follows:
$2250 for a single (one person, one room)
$2050 for a walk-though single (one person, one room)*
$1950 per person for a double (two people, one room)
$1750 per person for a triple (three people, one room)

* A walk-through single is a room that is accessed by walking through someone else's room, or that someone must walk through to get to his or her room. Living in one of these is like having roommates, but you still get your own space.

MIT students receive a $100 discount off of any of these rates.

You are required to pay the first month's rent up front at the time of your acceptance in order to secure your spot at WILG.


  • Each person living at WILG will do a house or kitchen job each week. A fine of $20.00 will be charged per missed job.
  • Boarders are required to sign a residency agreement. Email wilg-housing[at] if you would like to see a copy of this agreement.


  • How much does it cost to live at WILG?

    See "Rates."
  • Is there a security deposit?

    No, but you are required to pay the first month's rent in order to secure your spot in WILG. See "Rates."
  • What are the move-in and move-out dates?

    The earliest you may move in is June 11. The latest you may move out is August 26. See "Timeline and Dates."
  • Can I stay for just part of the summer?

    Yes, but only if we (or you) can find someone who will take your place for the rest of the summer. Otherwise you will be required to pay full price. See "Timeline and Dates."
  • Can I sublet my room while I am away?

    No. We interview each of our summer residents, so we do not allow people we have not met to live in the house. Guests may stay in your room, with the approval of any roommates you may have, only while you are also in the house.
  • Can I have guests over the summer?

    Yes, as long as your roommate(s) (if you don't have a single) are okay with it. Guests can only stay while you are also living in the house. They must stay in your room.
  • Do you allow pets?

    No, unfortunately, we do not allow pets to live in the house during the summer.
  • Can I pick my roommate? Can I room with my S.O. or someone of another gender?

    Yes, as long as you both apply individually and are accepted. Applying with one or more roommates may increase your chances of being accepted. We will only assign roommates of your same gender, but you and anyone may mutually decide to be roommates, if you let us know in advance or soon after your acceptance.
  • How can I stay up to date on summer housing info?

    Join wilg-summer17-interest[at], either by going to the moira page and adding yourself (for MIT students) or by emailing wilg-housing[at] to be added. Please note that this list is no longer active.
  • Have another question?

    Email wilg-housing[at] Please note that this list is not monitored until several weeks into Spring semester when we elect our summer housing officers.