Chill with WILG!

Our rush process happens twice a year - at the start of each semester. Normally during rush (Pre-covid times), we have a ton of events open to MIT, including dinners (always with vegetarian options), TV show marathons, game nights, pole dancing, museum visits, painting, baking, and much more. However, during these times remote learning, we're doing virtual rushes! We’ve already had a very successful virtual rolling-rush in the spring and so we are prepared and excited to have another virtual rush this fall. Although we recruit women-identifying undergraduates (including both freshmen and upperclassmen), all genders are welcome at our events.

We’ve got lots of fun events lined up so you’ll have plenty of chances to meet and talk to current members of the house, get answers to any questions about WILG, spend some quality time with us doing awesome activities. We're an extremely supportive community that thrives on interactions and discussion, and we'd be more than happy to talk to you (relatively) ad infinitum about living with us.

If you happened to miss our formal rush period, please reach out to and let us know you're interested - we can go from there. To receive updates on rush events, add yourself to the Moira list (linked) if you're an MIT community member with MIT certificates; if not (or if you'd rather be added by us), email

WILG is located at 355 Massachusetts Avenue, near the Asgard and Darwin's.

Fall 2020 Rush Interest Form

If you are interested in rushing WILG and joining our community, please fill out our short rush intent form/questionnaire by 7 pm on Saturday, September 12th. You can find the form here.
While we care most about getting to know you through the events you come to, having a record of your intent to rush will help us keep track of the people who are rushing and provide us some helpful information (like your contact info and your class year). We look forward to meeting you!

Fall 2020 Rush Schedule:


Monday 9/7

5:30-6:30 pm ET      Spill the Tea
Zoom link (use MIT account)
We've survived our first week of classes!!! What better way to revive your brain cells for week 2 than to spill some tea? Boba, chai, jasmine, black, bring whatever you want so you can sip your tea while we spill the tea ;)

Tuesday 9/8

9-10 pm ET      Netflix Sesh
Zoom link (use MIT account)
Looking for a reason to procrastinate? Yay, we are too! Come hangout with us and talk about your favorite Netflix shows or must-watch movies!

Friday 9/11

5-6 pm ET      Online Games
Zoom link (use MIT account)
Come celebrate surviving yet another week of remote learning with us! We'll be playing online games like Secret Hitler, Among Us, Werewolf, etc.

Saturday 9/12

12-1 pm ET      WILG.001
Zoom link (use MIT account)
Want to learn more about WILG? Awesome, we love to talk about it :) Join us for a crash course to what makes WILG so amazing!

9-10 pm ET      Falling For Fall Kahoot
Zoom link (use MIT account)
Back in my day, we played kahoot when the seasons changed like sensible college students. Come play kahoot with us and learn random facts about autumn. Why? 'Cause it's kahoot. 'Nuf said.

Sunday 9/13

3-4 pm      Venting Session
Zoom link (use MIT account)
Let's face it. MIT is HARD!!! We're already tired and it's only the beginning :( But one of the truly awesome things about WILG is we support each other through the hard times. Come vent out all your frustrations with us as we prepare ourselves for week 3 of IHTFP.

If you have any questions, or even just wanna chat about WILG, hit us up at!