Chill with WILG!

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Our rush process happens twice a year at the start of each semester. We have a ton of fun events lined up this semester, including dinners (always with vegetarian options), game nights, movies, painting, baking, and much more! We're an extremely supportive community that thrives on interactions and discussion, and we'd be more than happy to talk to you (relatively) ad infinitum about living with us. Although we recruit non-binary, gender-fluid, and women-identifying undergraduates (including both freshmen and upperclassmen), all genders are welcome at our events.

If you happened to miss our formal rush period, please reach out to and let us know you're interested! To receive updates on rush events, add yourself to the Moira list (linked) if you're an MIT community member with MIT certificates; if not (or if you'd rather be added by us), email

WILG is located at 355 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, near the Toscanini's and New City Microcreamery.

Fall 2023 Rush Schedule:

Tuesday, September 5

11:00 AM: Pancake Art Brunch

  Make the pancake art of your dreams! Then eat it.

1:00 PM: WILG Salon

  Chill with WILGlettes and get your nails ready for the first day of school.

3:00 PM: LA Burdick's Chocolate in Harvard Square

  Venture up to Harvard Square and try the best hot cocoa one guy from Google Reviews ever had.

  Meet at WILG and we’ll walk over together!

8:00 PM: Reality TV Night

  Have you seen that clip where Kris tries to buy Khloe a peacock? Or any episode of MILF Manor?

9:00 PM: Just Dance

  Dance those first-day-of-class jitters out to Shakira's Waka Waka.

Wednesday, September 6

6:00 PM: Yarn Arts

  Knit, crochet, embroider, or make your own jewelry! Craft with us!

7:00 PM: Sheet Pan Ramen Dinner

  Did we mention we have homemade meals every school night?

8:30 PM: Mocktails and Murals

  Like paint and sip but cooler because you get to draw on our walls.

Thursday, September 7

6:00 PM: Cook with WILG

  Help us make fresh pasta for our Thursday Dinner!

7:00 PM: Fresh Pasta Dinner

  Now we eat all of our hard work.

Friday, September 8

5:00 PM: T-Shirt Making

  Make your own tie-dyed or bleach painted shirt!

  Location: Lawn by the chapel on Kresge Lawn. Look for the people with the WILG sign!

7:00 PM: Yellow Curry Dinner

   Pretty self explanatory.

8:30 PM: Escape Room

  With like puzzles and stuff. We wouldn’t just lock you in a room.

  Meet at WILG then we’ll walk over to Red Fox Escape Rooms together!

Saturday, September 9

12:00 PM: Central Square Food Tour

  Fun Fact: WILG doesn’t cook on Saturdays :( but it’s ok because we live

  next to so much good food. Meet at WILG!

1:00 PM: Graffiti in Central Square

  No laws will be broken.

  Meet at WILG and we’ll walk over together!

4:00 PM: Barbie

  Watch it for the first time or the seventh.

  Meet at WILG and we’ll walk over to the Kendall Landmark theater for the 4:25 screening together! We have 25 spots and will buy more, so bring your friends!

7:00 PM: Ginger Bread Barbie Dream Houses

   We're really excited for this one.

Sunday, September 10

1:00 PM: Ice Cream vs Froyo @ Harvard Square

  J.P. Licks or Berryline? Or both? We’ll find out ;)

  Meet at WILG and we’ll walk over together!

3:00 PM: Boba and Board Games

  Have you ever used boba like spit balls in a straw?

  We don't have to do that but I've always wanted to try.

7:00 PM: Vegetarian Chili

   CHILI BRRR!!!! (let's all pretend we have ACs)

If you have any questions, or even just wanna chat about WILG, hit us up at!