WILG's house is a renovated 5 story apartment building conveniently located a few blocks north of MIT on Massachusetts Ave. Look for our logo on the front door.

Most of the rooms in WILG are singles and none of them are larger than a double (no quads here!). All rooms are fully-furnished and have hardwood floors. Rooms come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors - you're allowed to paint your room however you like! Most of them are already decorated with fun colors or even murals. Most nights our first floor lounge is full of people tooling, watching our 61" HDTV, or just relaxing on the comfy purple couches.

WILG provides home-cooked dinners Sunday through Friday, served in our spacious dining room.

The 2nd floor lounge is where most of our large events happen including house meetings, parties, and rush activities.

Our back deck comes complete with a hammock and ping pong table. ADP, the fraternity next door, shares the deck with us.

Something wrong with your laptop? WILG has 2 computers and a large printer for house use, complete with Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite.

WILG has been home to many MIT students over the years and some of them have left behind their books and class bibles for you to borrow in our library.

Even if they haven't moved in to the house yet, all WILG members have a place to stay the night in our fully furnished non-res room.

The 3rd floor has a smaller more intimate lounge for quiet evenings or friendly gatherings.

Our 4th floor kitchen comes complete with all you need for a night of gourmet cooking (or just boiling ramen), including granite countertops and a gas stove/oven.

After a day in the dark interiors and fluorescent lights of the institvte, our 5th floor lounge provides a relaxing space to work with plants and a skylight.

Want to see more? You can email wilg-rush[at]mit.edu to speak to our rush chairs, or come by anytime during our fall or spring rush periods.